Moderator’s Introduction

Author: RichardPrins [ Thu May 24, 2007 10:58 am ]
Post subject: Formal Debate: Dendrochronology and C14?

Dendrochronology and C14: Circularity or Valid Science?

BWE_the real_one wrote:
AFDave1 agreed to debate me on the topic of whether dendrochronology is a valid calibration of C14 dating.

Someone … Anyone … Explain to me this wonderful calibration system known as dendrochronology if you can.

– My claim is that no one here really understands the details of dendrochronology, yet they think it validates C14 dating.

-I see that BWE says he can meet my challenge on dendro. Ok. You’re on.

argystokes wrote:
I’m in a betting mood. But not with real beers, cuz I’m poor. I willing to bet anyone here that Dave cannot explain the concept behind calibration curves, and why we believe they are reliable, even if one doesn’t understand how each individual one works.

-Dave: I’m not going to be explaining them. BWE is.

-Eric … dendrochronology is apparently one method of providing one calibration curve for C14 dating. If that’s not what it is, then I’m not sure I care to hear more about it.

And no … I cannot explain it to you.

The only rules I care about are that we each get ten posts and that the closing post can’t contain any new info. We each get the opportunity to ask 3 questions of the other in a post. In a post, we must answer to the best of our abilities the questions asked of us in the previous post.

Comments on this debate can be found here.


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