Dave’s 8th Post

Author: afdave1 [ Tue Sep 18, 2007 5:26 am ]
Post subject: Re: Formal Debate: Dendrochronology and C14?

OK. It has become quite evident to me that BWE will not supply pictures of tree rings even though he himself has posted information which makes it clear that visual inspection of tree rings is very important in building chronologies.

So … where does that leave us?

I will give BWE the benefit of the doubt that obtaining pictures may be difficult. I know I don’t want to go to the effort to get them. I just thought it would be easy for him since he is supposed to be an expert on Dendrochronology.

So my next move will be to attempt to use the data that BWE has supplied. Supposedly the links are there for me to obtain the data I am looking for to confirm or refute my hypothesis that the tree samples used by Ferguson which date older than 5000 YO by C14 could actually be correlated to trees younger than 5000 YO.

This will take time. Don’t look for another post from me for a couple of weeks or so. Thanks!


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